Wholesale Basics

Thank you for considering partnering with Candles by Cleo.  We look forward to working with you to make sure your order fits your needs.  We offer a variety of traditional container candles that are perfect for your customers' homes and for those on the go who want a stylish, convenient candle for traveling. 

Also, our very popular Original Designs compliment any store's current candle line and are perfect if you want a one-of-a-kind collectible for your customers.

Wholesale Pricing
Wholesale pricing is 50% off retail prices on this website (excluding candle accessories).  Please fill out the wholesale application to get log in credentials to see actual prices.  Private/Custom labels are available at an additional charge.
Order Minimums (Standard)
All standard candle orders/reorders must be at least $250.00 (wholesale value) to qualify for a wholesale discount.

Order Minimums (Container candles with Custom Labels)
In addition to the $250 wholesale minimum, all Private/Custom Label candle orders/reorders must be at least 10 units per scent/style to qualify for a wholesale discount (e.g. 10 Whiskey tins, 10 In Bloom jars, 10 Sangria Wine Barrels, etc..). A $1 per label charge applies to custom labels. (no set-up fee)
Order Minimums (Original Designs with Custom Labels)
Orders must be at least a $250 wholesale minimum and a $1 per custom label and $50 set-up fee will be charged to orders under 50 units.

All wholesale orders must be placed on this website.  Once logged in to your account, you will receive the appropriate wholesale discount.

Wholesale orders are usually shipped 7-14 business days after order is placed.

Custom orders typically require longer production time for labeling, scents, colors, etc..
All orders are shipped via USPS or UPS.
Wholesale shipping costs are based upon order weight.
(Free Shipping does not apply)

All Candles by Cleo products must be purchased for resale only and maintain all labels, branding and logos.
We reserve the right to change our packaging, scents, colors, etc.. without notice.
No coupons, discounts or other offers may be used in conjunction with wholesale pricing.
Warmers, Bases/Coasters & Baskets
Wax warmers, candle bases/coasters and candle baskets are not eligible for a wholesale discount.
We reserve the right to change retail and wholesale pricing without notice.
We do not offer exclusivity of any Candles by Cleo products in any one geographical area. However, we make every effort to foster a non-competitive environment among our customers by keeping a reasonable distance between customer accounts or trying to make sure there are a mix of candle types in any one geographic area.
Please see our Return Policy

Retailer FAQ

Q: Our customers don't like fragrant candles and some are allergic, can you accomodate them?
A: Not a problem! We offer our Custom Candles scented or unscented.

Q: Do you stock your candles?
A: No, since we offer hundreds of color, scent and style combinations, we create all of our candles to order.  Although this takes a little longer, this allows us to make sure you get the candles you want.

Q: Do you offer colors other than what is shown on your website?
A: Yes, we limit our candle colors on-line so not to overwhelm customers.  If you do not see the color you want, just ask!

Q: Can I order any type of candles from you in the same order?
A: Yes, you can mix and match candles, colors and scents as long as you meet the $150.00 minimum.  ** Remember, if you are ordering private/custom labels you most order in 10 unit quantities per scent/style (e.g. 10 Campfire tins, 10 Lemon jars, 10 Merlot Wine Barrels, etc..). Additional label charges and set-up fees may apply.

Q: Isn't shipping too expensive on candles from the west coast to the east coast?
A: Not as much as you would think.  Since we ship a lot of candles, we have great negotiated rates with our shipping carriers.

Q: Candles get too dusty in our store..how can I prevent that?
A: Our Custom Candles are shrink wrapped that protects them from dust and customers poking at them.

Q: We already carry candles and have a good relationship with our current vendor.
A: Great, stay with them!  We have found that most customers purchase our Custom Candles as collectibles (they often say they are too pretty to burn).  Consequently, we compliment any current candle selection you may have while offering your customers a one-of-a-kind candle creation!

Q: How do I see wholesale prices?
A: Once you fill out our Wholesale Application and we create an account for your store, you can log in to see wholesale prices, past orders, invoices, marketing material and more..

Q: Do you design custom candles?
A: Yes, Candles by Cleo can create one of a kind custom candles.  Pricing depends on the complexity of design and molds and can include corporate logos, family crests/names, custom labels and just about any composition you can think of!  Please contact us at [email protected] for a quote.

Q: What are your custom candles made from?
A: Our Custom Candles can be made with Soy or Paraffin wax.  Paraffin wax is often preferred as there is no container to hold the wax and keep its form (pure soy and coconut wax is very soft) so paraffin custom candles burn much longer.  Actually, a lot of customers who purchase our custom candles don't even burn them as they think they are too pretty to ruin :)


Sustainable Coconut Wax
Phthalates and Toxin Free
No Harmful Dyes or Coloring
FSC Certified Wooden Wicks